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Dallas Trusts Lawyer

Let An Estate Planning Attorney Help You Plan Your Future

Part of planning for the future is what will happen to your children and your estate once you pass on. In the State of Texas this involves wills and trusts. A trust is a relationship where one person, several people, or a corporation manages your estate for the benefit of someone else. A common example is how your property will be handled in case of death. An individual that you trust can be assigned to be in charge of your estate. This person, the trustee, can then see to it that your children receive the financial assistance that you desire and in the way that you specify.

As a Dallas estate planning attorney, I can work with you to help plan the future distribution of your assets for your heirs. I have been exclusively practicing Estate Planning for 23 years and I believe strongly that trusts are a vital part of competently planning for the future. Trusts can be established for many valid reasons. They can ensure the privacy of your financial decisions regarding what will ultimately happen to your property.

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Without a trust, your children can inherit your estate at the age of 18. If they stand to inherit a substantial sum, this can be an incentive for the child to not work or go to school. Many of us did not make correct financial decisions when we were 18 years old. A trust can ensure that the estate you leave behind will be properly used for the support and care of your heirs or other benefactors.

The Elements of a Trust

There are many types of trusts which have various uses. I want you to know that you will working directly with me, Carol Butrus, in the preparation and writing of any trust that you need. I can show you the different kinds of trusts and the purpose of each. My goal is to work with you so that your trust is customized for your needs and achieves what you desire.

The most essential elements that all trusts include are:

  • You, the grantor, who develops the trust. If the trust is revocable, you can revoke or modify the trust at any time
  • A named trustee over the age of 18 who will administer the terms of the trust in accordance with state law
  • Named beneficiaries, who can be born or unborn, who will inherit the assets you provide
  • Assets, as listed in a property schedule, including notices of assignment. These must be documented, signed, and notarized and all trust bank accounts must be properly set up
  • A signed document that establishes the trust, names the grantor, trustee, and beneficiaries

Frequently, people consider that they have to be of a certain age, usually older, to need a trust. Sometimes they feel that they must have a certain amount of wealth in order to require a trust. Neither of these ideas is true. If you have a decent job, have life insurance and minor children, a trust can help give you peace of mind about the future.

Looking for an attorney for help with a trust in Dallas?

Ensuring that you have all elements of a trust formally and legally established can be complicated. It is essential to take the right steps to secure the future of your finances and your loved ones and I have the experience and knowledge of estate planning law that you need. Why leave it up to chance or the state to decide what will be done with your property and for your heirs? My firm is ready to help you take action to establish a sound trust.

Contact a Dallas trust lawyer to assist you in the preparation and writing of any trust you may need - (972) 325-7516.

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