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Asset Protection Attorney in Dallas

Experienced Counsel from a Dallas Estate Planning Lawyer

In today's society, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your hard-earned assets. Whether from potential creditors or lawsuits being filed against you, people are always trying to take what is not theirs. If you are interested in protecting your estate or business, now is the time to speak with an estate planning lawyer in Dallas about devising an effective strategy to protect your assets. No matter how big or small your estate or business may be, Carol Willis Butrus, Attorney at Law can help. With more than 20 years of legal experience, I can steer you towards sheltering your property and helping you feel more at ease in the process.

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Avoid Probate in Dallas, TX

After a death, all assets of that individual's estate become property of the government while the administers and the executors complete a process of paperwork and court appearances. This process is called probate, and is necessary to ensure a will's validity, pay all debts and taxes, and distribute the assets. However, this process often places unnecessary stress on the loved ones of the decedent and renders property vulnerable. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this property and protect your assets from the complicated probate process.

Ways to avoid probate include:

  • Drafting revocable living trusts
  • Creating pay-on-death accounts
  • Owning property through joint tenancy
  • Giving away property before death

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Irrevocable Trust in Dallas, Texas

An irrevocable trust is an important tool that can be used to protect your hard-earned assets. When you create an irrevocable trust with an estate planning lawyer in Texas, you are essentially losing your rights and cutting your ties to the assets within the trust. The property within the trust is now being held for your beneficiaries. This allows you to protect your property and minimize or eliminate any taxes involved. When you cut your ties to the assets, creditors and lawsuits can no longer take away or tax assets that no longer belong to you.

Need a lawyer to assist with asset protection in Dallas?

Before it becomes too late, it is important to learn about protecting your valuable assets from creditors and lawsuits. Creating an effective asset protection strategy can be beneficial to anyone who owns property that they want to keep safe. At my Dallas law firm, I am determined to equip you with the knowledge and tools you needs to secure your estate as well as protect the business or property you worked so hard for.

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